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The Business Spotlight seeks to promote and showcase a variety of businesses selected by the DLCP in the Las Cruces downtown area. View the business spotlights below to learn more about the businesses that form and shape the rich culture of Las Cruces.

DLCP Presents Bluebird Running Co. 

Owners, Zach and Michelle Gonzalez started exploring Bluebird Running Co. in 2018 after relocating from El Paso, Texas. They were searching for a way to combine their love of running with a business opportunity. 
At the time, a physical retail space wasn’t available in their budget so they began with a trailer attached to their vehicle, eventually, their store location became a reality.
Located in heart of Downtown Las CrucesBluebird Running Company has now had its recent location for almost three months. Located upstairs, within the Friends of the Organ Mountain Desert Peaks, at 300 North Main Street, Bluebird sells running apparel, running shoes, as well as health, wellness and nutrition products. 
With the reintroduction of events downtown Zach and Michelle Gonzalez are seeing growth and getting to better know the community. 
“It’s really brought some traffic into the business for us to be able to see and meet new people–that might not have otherwise been down here [Bluebird Running Company] because of those events,” said Michelle Gonzalez.
It’s Not All Business…
Zach and Michelle Gonzalez aren’t just selling running accessories, they are actively looking for ways to contribute back to the Las Cruces community. They are seizing their new place in Las Cruces and hoping to give back to trails, public lands, the running community and partnering with local, non-profit initiatives. They would like to give a special thanks to DLCP for their partnership, resources and support for small businesses in the downtown area of the three crosses. 
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Bluebird Running Co.

January’s Business – 2022

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Downtown Desert Yoga 

June’s Business – 2021

Business Bio: Established in 2010, Downtown Desert Yoga makes yoga accessible to any body through an approach called Optimal Movement*(*OM). Find them at 303 S. Alameda Blvd.

A Bite of Belgium 

May’s Business – 2021

Business Bio: A Bite of Belgium opened on October 1st, 2012 with a desire to bring something unique to Las Cruces, NM – authentic and tasty Belgian cuisine at an affordable cost. Located at 741 N. Alameda Blvd. #16


AIM Fit Meals 

April’s Business – 2021

Business Bio: In the heart of downtown Las Cruces, AIM Fitmeals seeks to provide people in all walks of life with healthy meal preparations. Stay updated with AIM Fit Meals as they continue to expand! Go visit them at 125 S Campo St.

Lundeen Inn of the Arts 

March’s Business – 2021

Business Bio: With her daughter, Linda Horton Lundeen runs the Lundeen Inn. Featuring seven bedrooms, Lundeen Inn is classified as a boutique inn and seeks to create a peaceful and beautiful experience for visitors. You can find the Lundeen Inn at 618 S Alameda Blvd.