DLCP Business Spotlight Series Presents Dwell Yoga

Las Cruces, NM – Downtown Las Cruces has places that help us fill our bellies, be in community with others, sharpen our minds, and bring nourishment to our souls. Dwell Yoga contributes to the mission of downtown by providing a space that allows people to pause, breathe, and reflect. Founded a little over 6 years ago by Jane Bloom, Dwell Yoga is a collective of talented entrepreneurs and teachers who are dedicated to bringing healing and hope to the downtown community. 

Something for Everyone 

Comprised of fourteen instructors, Dwell’s shared format allows for the teaching of various styles of movement. Each class has a unique rhythm and can help you find what best fits your needs. From the high energy of Buti to the slow, meditating movements of Hatha Flow, the instructors at Dwell Collective are here for you to find restoration for your soul. Dwell’s instructors are dedicated to creating a space where there is something for everyone. 

Care for the Body and the Mind 

Yoga offers a variety of benefits for both the mind, body, and the soul. “It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned yogi or brand-new to the practice, it’s a medicine. Everyone can receive something beautiful and transformative from it,” says Dwell Yoga Instructor, Steph Preciado-Shelton. In an age where we are always rushing to the next thing, stop by Dwell to pause, take a few deep breaths and re-connect with yourself. 

For more information about Dwell Yoga, visit their social media accounts and website. Find the power of healing through yoga today!