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Over the last three years, the Las Cruces Arts and Cultural District (LCACD) has celebrated the unique makers, creators, and artists who live and work in the district through a video spotlight program. Historically, this program has been titled “Artists in Residence” (AIR), a play on the traditional program of bringing in an outside artist to breathe creativity into a designated place and produce lasting art in a community. Our program, born in the darkest days of COVID, sought to investigate our own backyard and showcase the artists who were already part of the district, who were interwoven into the fabric of the community.

This year the LCACD has decided to continue the program but under a new name, “ACD Icons.” ACD Icons will showcase and promote businesses and artists from various sectors of the creative economy. In the current cycle of the program, we will spotlight six artists/creators who exemplify the LACAD tagline: “Authentically Southern New Mexico.” Those chosen will be featured in a series of videos that discuss the creative process and what it means to be a creator in our vibrant and culturally rich community.

DLCP ACD Icons Series Presents: Garrett Denmark

Say hello to Garrett Denmark, the head brewer at Icebox Brewing Company! We are excited to feature him and his work as an artist and creator in our community.

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Anahy Nuñez

Meet Anahy Nuñez, our ACD Icon! You can find Anahy’s art throughout Downtown Las Cruces. From the Spiderman mural outside Zia Comics to the family-owned businesses and beautiful tattoos, her creativity is an amazing representation of Southern New Mexico.
Meet Anahy

Coy Lowther

Meet Coy Lowther, our ACD Icons feature! She’s painted many beautiful murals downtown, including outside of COAS bookstore and The Boneyard Cantina. Coy Lowther finds her inspiration through the people of Las Cruces and the natural beauty of New Mexico. Learn all about this incredible artist in this month’s Arts & Cultural District Icon!
Meet Coy