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DLCP Business Spotlight Series Presents The Emporium

Las Cruces, NM – This month we had the honor of interviewing and featuring the three owners of the Emporium, Heather Pollard, Jane Slagle, and Jeannie Gillespie for the Downtown Las Cruces Partnership’s Downtown Business Spotlight. 

Wonder and Love

Located at 106 S Water St, The Emporium immediately gives off a professional and stylish vibe. Customers can select various items from special antiques to unique collectibles, all donated through the Mesilla Valley Hospice. Each donation is “given out of love” as most items are granted after the death of a loved one which brings much significance and wonder to each product. 

Giving Back

The Las Cruces community has been very generous to The Emporium through the donations given every day. And the owners couldn’t be more appreciative of the generosity so everything The Emporium makes goes back to the Mesilla Valley Hospice.

Donate Now

Jane Slagle is a donator to the Mesilla Valley Hospice. She feels passionate about being part of this community through the people she holds “very dear.” Call today to donate furniture or any items you have to join this wonderful community or stop by to shop the unique items the store has to offer!

Watch the full Business Spotlight video: