DLCP Presents Downtown Business, Insta-Copy

Las Cruces, NM – Located in the heart of Main Street, Insta-Copy is a familiar face to many Las Cruces residents. Tourists and locals alike pose with the iconic “Color Me Cruces” and “Go Thrive Be” murals on the walls on Insta-Copy. Insta-Copy is more than just a pretty face though. They offer services like digital printing, graphic design, office products, and more.   

Serving Las Cruces Since 1981  

Over 40 years ago, Parry Lyons and his wife Diana started Insta-Copy in downtown Las Cruces. Shortly after starting the business, they welcomed their son Josh into the world, who runs the establishment today. Parry and Diana loved being downtown. In the early years of their business, the welcoming atmosphere of downtown provided them with an affordable opportunity to jumpstart their business.   

Leaving a Legacy  

When we interviewed Josh, he described his parents’ affinity for downtown. A lover and supporter of downtown, Diana Lyons sought to make downtown a place where people would want to be. Lyons served on the downtown board for many years and championed the art community that is so vibrant in this area.   

“I think getting the murals on our building is a good legacy for her [Diana Lyons]. It’s a good thing she can see, and I think she’d be happy where we landed.”  

More Than Just a Print Shop  

Josh Lyons now runs the family business, but the mission hasn’t changed. A one-of-a-kind shop, Insta-Copy provides small local businesses with an opportunity to start their businesses at an affordable cost and with ease. Whether through business cards or new office chairs, Insta-Copy is there to help your business grow. So next time you’re on Main Street, be sure to drop by Insta-Copy for your business needs and see some beautiful murals!