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DLCP Business Spotlight Series Presents Downtown Blues Coffee

Las Cruces, NM – This month we had the honor of interviewing and featuring the owner of Downtown Blues Coffee, Frankie Jaurequi for the Downtown Las Cruces Partnership’s Downtown Business Spotlight. 

Located at 130 S Main Street, Downtown Blues Coffee immediately gives off a cool and mellow vibe. Customers can peruse the many cassette tapes, vinyl records, and even 8-tracks they have to offer. A big world map is hung up on the wall with little pins showing where their customers have come from. Travelers from far and wide have come and left their mark here. 

In the shop, there’s a door that’s over a hundred years old from Chaparral, New Mexico. Musicians who come to Downtown Blues sign their autographs on the door after their gigs. “We just love to have fun here. We love our community and we’re gonna be here hopefully for the long haul.” says Frankie Jaurequi.  

Stop by Downtown Blues Coffee for an open mic night, to grab a cup of joe for the Farmers Market, or for an opportunity to sit down and enjoy the Blues. 

Watch the full Business Spotlight video: