Inviting Community Engagement: A Call for Volunteers in Shaping Downtown Las Cruces

As the Board Chair of the Downtown Las Cruces Partnership, I am thrilled to embark on
a journey into a new year filled with possibilities for our beloved city. The heart of our
community, Downtown Las Cruces, is pulsating with energy and growth, presenting us
with a unique opportunity to contribute to its flourishing landscape.

Our mission is ambitious yet deeply rewarding – to enhance the vitality of Downtown
Las Cruces by fostering economic development, preserving our rich cultural heritage,
and ensuring inclusivity in every aspect. As we set our sights on these goals, I find
myself inspired by the spirit of collaboration and community engagement that defines
our organization.

To achieve the ambitious mission we’ve set for the upcoming year, I extend a heartfelt
invitation to all community members who share a passion for business, art, historic
preservation, and people. Your unique skills and perspectives are invaluable as we work
together to shape the future of Downtown Las Cruces.

Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of our initiatives. Whether you’re drawn to
the vibrant arts scene, the historical significance of our city, or the economic growth
potential, there’s a place for you in our mission. By joining as a volunteer, you become
an integral part of a community-driven effort that aims to create a downtown
environment we can all take pride in.

As we embark on this exciting journey, I encourage you to consider dedicating your time
and talents to Downtown Las Cruces Partnership. Together, we can build a stronger,
more vibrant community that reflects the dreams and aspirations of those who call this
place home.

If you share our vision for a thriving Downtown Las Cruces and are ready to contribute, I
invite you to join us. Your commitment as a volunteer is not just an investment in our
city’s future but a meaningful contribution to the tapestry of our community. Let’s shape
the narrative of Downtown Las Cruces together. Join us in this exciting chapter, and let
your passion be the driving force behind the positive changes we seek to achieve.
To learn more about Downtown Las Cruces Partnership, please visit our website To contact a member of our team about interest in our
organization, please email Susan at or visit

John Muñoz
Downtown Las Cruces Partnership

John Munoz Executive Chair of DLCP