Supporting local revitalization, helping preserve downtown's timeless qualities.

The Downtown Las Cruces Partnership (DLCP) is a state and nationally certified Main Street organization that embraces a vision to create an economically vibrant downtown.

DLCP is a coalition of downtown stakeholders that work in collaboration with the City of Las Cruces and the State of New Mexico to create and support a climate for emerging businesses and an environment that stimulates future business development. We are a not for profit organization that is funded by the City of Las Cruces and the donations of downtown supporters.

DLCP’s revitalization strategies center on a successful national effort, the Main Street Approach, which focuses on design, organization, promotions/marketing and economic development strategies to accomplish the revitalization of historic downtown communities across the nation.

A brick collage of several photos from the Downtown Las Cruces area

We continue to invest in the
growth of downtown.

The mission of the Downtown Las Cruces Partnership is to create a signature business destination that celebrates our region’s rich cultural heritage, local arts, and culture and contributes to a thriving, sustainable and economically vibrant downtown.

Downtown Las Cruces will become an economically vibrant, culturally diverse and walkable downtown. As the premier example of a Main Street program, it will celebrate and promote our rich border heritage through an array of cultural festivals and create an environment conducive to a vibrant downtown environment that stimulates future business development and quality residential living.

Downtown Las Cruces Partnership will be the driving force to revitalize Main Street through partnerships with local businesses, enhancing building storefronts and encouraging the development of underutilized residential and commercial space. Enhancing economic development in the downtown will restore the vitality of old Main Street and preserve the timeless qualities that define the character of our community. We will create an environment where people from all walks of life can experience the wealth of opportunities available to eat, work, shop, and play while enjoying the social, and artistic vibrancy and the small-town charm of downtown.

Our Accomplishments

Our Accomplishments