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Downtown Las Cruces Partnership Appoints Susan Greenwald Cabello as New Executive Director

Las Cruces, New Mexico – March 29, 2024

The Downtown Las Cruces Partnership proudly announces the appointment of Susan
Greenwald Cabello, MA in English Literature and MPA, as its new Executive Director.
With a distinguished academic background and a proven legacy in community
development, Cabello brings a wealth of expertise and passion to her new leadership
Cabello’s journey is marked by academic excellence, holding a Master of Arts degree in
English Literature and a Master of Public Administration. Her educational background
has cultivated her analytical prowess and her ability to communicate effectively with
diverse stakeholders.
Prior to her appointment as Executive Director, Cabello served as a respected
community college instructor and academic division administrator, where she
demonstrated her commitment to education and community engagement. Her
experience in academia has equipped her with valuable leadership skills and a deep
understanding of community needs.
Moreover, Cabello’s dedication to the arts and cultural development is evident in her
previous role as the first Director and Community Coordinator for the Las Cruces Arts
and Cultural District. In this capacity, she spearheaded initiatives to promote local
artists, enhance cultural programming, and foster economic growth within the district.

“We are thrilled to welcome Susan Greenwald Cabello as the new Executive Director of
the Downtown Las Cruces Partnership,” said John Muñoz, President of the Board of
Directors. “Her extensive understanding of the intersection of small business and the
public sector and sharp critical thinking skills, combined with her extensive experience
in community development and arts advocacy, make her the ideal candidate to lead our
organization. Downtown and our Historical district are the representation of our city.

Susan will play a huge role in highlighting our beautiful community. I am appreciative of
her, our supporters, and of our donors. “
As Executive Director, Cabello will leverage her diverse background to advance the
mission of the Downtown Las Cruces Partnership. She will focus on fostering
collaboration with local businesses, residents, and stakeholders to implement innovative
strategies for downtown revitalization and cultural enrichment.
“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as the Executive Director of the
Downtown Las Cruces Partnership,” expressed Cabello. “My experiences as an
educator and arts advocate have instilled in me a deep appreciation for the
transformative power of community engagement. I am committed to working
collaboratively to create a downtown that reflects the unique identity and aspirations of
Las Cruces.”
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Susan Greenwald Cabello
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