Owners sitting in front of Grounded Sign, DLCP Proudly presents: Celebrating Downtown Mothers: Grounded Spotlight

Celebrating Downtown Mothers: Grounded Spotlight 

Owned by the Espiritu family of five, Grounded is a plant-based coffee bar and wine/pizza lounge on Main Street. With opportunities to sit and paint, or roam around in the courtyard, Grounded offers the perfect atmosphere for families of all ages to spend time together. To celebrate Mother’s Day, we had the chance to interview downtown business Grounded’s mother-daughter duo, Sandra, and Kendra Espiritu. 

What does being a mother mean to you? 

Sandra: Being a mother is the greatest gift, challenge, and satisfaction in the world. Greatest gift to see your kids growing up into amazing, kind, compassionate young adults. Seeing them happy and pursuing their passions is the greatest reward. 

How has being a mother shaped your vision for Grounded? 

Sandra: As a mom myself, I kept in mind how a family with kids might feel in this space and what kind of things would make the environment family-friendly. Thinking back on things we enjoyed doing with our kids while they were growing up. You can find Mr. Potato Head, whiteboards for drawing, coloring books, playing cards, books, and even a pizza-making game at Grounded. We always wanted to build a special place where families could connect, talk, play, eat healthy food, and enjoy quality time. 

Why did you want to create Grounded with your family? 

Kendra: My family is the most important thing to me, and the idea of doing something I love with the people I love the most sounded like a dream! 

What’s it like owning a business with your children? 

Sandra: It’s such a rewarding feeling to see our kids becoming young adults and implementing their skills into this business. From their friendly and kind personalities to wonderful customer service, to meeting challenges and learning from each experience. I could not be any prouder of each of them for their hard work, involvement, and passion for what they do. 

How has your relationship with your children evolved now that you are business owners together? 

Sandra: Most families experience some distance as the kids get older. However, having this business together has only brought us closer. We have the opportunity to see our kids evolving into great entrepreneurs and leaders. I absolutely love working with my kids and our relationship has been strengthened by this experience. We live in the same neighborhood, and we love spending time together in and outside of Grounded. I’m super proud of their work ethic and beautiful outgoing personalities. Collaborating, coming up with ideas, being creative, and even seeing them conquer challenges and failures with a positive attitude. 

What’s it like having a business with your Mom? Has this changed the dynamic of your relationship? 

Kendra: It is so fun! We’re already so close and have such a special relationship but, this is so new and exciting that we get to share this experience together. We get to bond, grow, and learn in so many new ways together. Our mama is such an amazing businesswoman and just such a role model, and I get to learn so much from her working side by side, making business decisions together, and collaborating! Also, I totally understand now and have a new appreciation for all the work she’s done our whole life because now I get to experience that too…and it isn’t easy! 

What advice would you give to new mothers? 

Sandra: What your kids will remember the most from their childhood is: The love you show them and the example you set. Spend beautiful quality time with them. Teach them to respond to challenges by focusing on the solution, not the problem. Provide kids with options and allow them to make their own decisions so they learn responsibility, consequences and they become problem solvers. And the most important lesson I think I taught my kids is that nothing external will ever make them whole and happy. They have 100% control of their happiness. “Have a pocket full of sunshine day” was my favorite phrase when I dropped them off at school every day. 

What is the most important thing your mom has taught you about being a businesswoman? 

Kendra: Kindness, honesty, and positivity are the most important qualities of any successful businessperson. Things will always come around to those who lead with these qualities, it might just take more work and dedication, but fulfillment is so much sweeter. Coming together to put on a Mother’s Day event. We’re usually closed on Sundays, so it’ll be an exciting little celebration. We will be having a Mother’s Day Brunch with some special menu items and, of course, mimosas! 

What downtown activity do you recommend to others for this Mother’s Day? 

Sandra: Definitely check out all the fun things that will be happening in our plaza (La Esquina 300 N Main St) on Mother’s Day! All the businesses will be having exclusive Mother’s Day offerings and specials, we want to celebrate moms! Come stop in for Mother’s Day brunch and mimosas at Grounded, grab some goodies at Sage Spices, then head upstairs to check out Thrifty Flower Gal where she’ll have a cute photo booth and curated thrift bundles for the moms and daughters, Petals & Pink Co will be having their flower bar, get matching permanent jewelry at Permanent Legacy, and maybe even matching tattoos at Stolen Rose! 

Let the mothers in your life know how loved they are by going downtown this Mother’s Day! Be sure to check DLCP’s downtown calendar to see all the exciting events this weekend. If you want to learn more about Grounded and what they do, check out our Business Spotlight video