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Unlike a traditional artist in residence program which brings an artist to a place or space to create, the Artists in Residence program is designed to showcase and celebrate the artists already creating in our district. Through an open call and selection process, DLCP and the ACDCC will promote six artists who live and/or work in the Las Cruces Arts and Cultural district ( map found on page 18 of ACD Plan). View our 2020 & 2021 artists below.

Elijah Maidez & Jermond Talbert

April’s Artist – 2022
DLCP Artists in Residence Series Presents Willow + Blaine
Willow & Blaine is a boutique, garden-to-table bistro located in the Mesquite Historic District. They specialize in multi-course meal experiences paired with exceptional wines and pre-prohibition era cocktails. You can find them at 118 N. Mesquite Street.
Downtown Artists

DLCP Artists in Residence Series Presents Willow + Blaine Garden to Table

Downtown Las Cruces has been a focal point for locals and tourists alike. We’re very excited about the outstanding artists that flourish in the downtown district. Today we look at the culinary art of chefs Elijah Maidez and Jermond Talbert from Willow + Blaine.

The boutique bistro is a unique tasting adventure unlike anything else in the city or state. A blend of culinary styles, ingredients, and experiences focuses on locally sourced, fresh ingredients, flavors, and techniques that create a flavorful masterpiece. 

The two chefs recently collaborated on a crawfish ravioli, a take on a traditional Italian dish with heavy influences from southern cuisine. Maidez and Talbert discussed their working relationship and new creation. “I really like the flavors that he brings (Jermond Talbert) you know, so the technique and the flavor between the two of us will bring some amazing things,” says Elijah Maidez. 

Coming originally from Louisiana, chef Talbert has this to say regarding the fusion of culinary art at Willow + Blaine. “Come on out to Willow + Blaine and I guarantee you’ll get an experience unlike anywhere else in New Mexico. Guaranteed.”

Not only does the food taste absolutely wonderful, but it’s almost too pretty to eat! Willow + Blaine don’t just make delicious food and tasty drink. Willow + Blaine create art.

For more information on Willow + Blaine, visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Keep up with DLCP to find news and information about future Artists in Residence spotlights! 

Previous Artists In Residence

Kim Skaggs & Devin Lowther

March’s Artist – 2022
DLCP Artists in Residence Series Presents Woody’s Gift Gallery
Our March Artist in Residence feature is the wonderful Woody’s Gift Gallery! Owner and artist, Kim Skaggs and apprentice Devin Lowther are dedicated to creating opportunities for local artists to show off their work and provide a one-of-a-kind experience for downtown goers.
Downtown Artists

Aaron Valenzuela & Chris Candia

February’s Artist – 2022
DLCP Artists in Residence Series Presents Atom Bomb 
Highlighting their mediums, mentor partnership and the tattoo studio, Atom Bomb owner, Aaron Valenzuela and his apprentice Chris Candia are DLCP’s featured artists for February.
Downtown Artists

Trisha McCaul

May’s Artist  – 2021
Downtown Artists

Artist Bio: Trisha is a herbalist and botanical perfumer, as well as co-owner of the Mandrake Gallery. While other art forms deal with auditory and visual art, Trisha works with aromatic art. You can find her work at 501 E Hadley Avenue.

Michael Poncé

April’s Artist – 2021
Downtown Artists

Artist Bio: Michael is the director of the Mandrake. He seeks to feature art that people in the Las Cruces area would not normally be exposed to. Using traditional mediums, each of his paintings are like a poem. You can find the Mandrake at 501 E Hadley Avenue.

Diane Alire 

March’s Artist – 2021

Artist Bio: Diane combines elements of photography and printmaking. Her gallery is located at 925 N. Mesquite Street where she features works of her own and others, as well as puts on various workshops.

Marcus Xavier Chormicle 

February’s Artist – 2021

Artist Bio: Marcus is a freelance photographer, event photprhager and artist. He finds inspiration from his family and brings his work back to the focus of his family.  

Mel Stone 

January’s Artist – 2021

Artist Bio: Retirement has kept Mel Stone going with his photography gallery and Saturday farmer’s market appearances. He has a project he’s working on that he hopes will appear in LensWork Magazine.

Bob Diven 

December’s Artist – 2020
Downtown Artists

Artist Bio: For forty years I’ve been creating paintings, portraits, murals, illustrations, and logo designs for businesses, individuals, and organizations.