Downtown Artists

Artist In Residence

Unlike a traditional artist in residence program which brings an artist to a place or space to create, the Artists in Residence program is designed to showcase and celebrate the artists already creating in our district. Through an open call and selection process, DLCP and the ACDCC will promote six artists who live and/or work in the Las Cruces Arts and Cultural district ( map found on page 18 of ACD Plan). View our 2020 & 2021 artists below.

Trisha McCaul 

May’s Artist
Downtown Artists

Artist Bio: Trisha is a herbalist and botanical perfumer, as well as co-owner of the Mandrake Gallery. While other art forms deal with auditory and visual art, Trisha works with aromatic art. You can find her work at 501 E Hadley Avenue.

Previous Artists In Residence

Michael Poncé

April’s Artist
Downtown Artists

Artist Bio: Michael is the director of the Mandrake. He seeks to feature art that people in the Las Cruces area would not normally be exposed to. Using traditional mediums, each of his paintings are like a poem. You can find the Mandrake at 501 E Hadley Avenue.

Diane Alire 

March’s Artist

Artist Bio: Diane combines elements of photography and printmaking. Her gallery is located at 925 N. Mesquite Street where she features works of her own and others, as well as puts on various workshops.

Marcus Xavier Chormicle 

February’s Artist

Artist Bio: Marcus is a freelance photographer, event photprhager and artist. He finds inspiration from his family and brings his work back to the focus of his family.  

Mel Stone 

January’s Artist – 2021

Artist Bio: Retirement has kept Mel Stone going with his photography gallery and Saturday farmer’s market appearances. He has a project he’s working on that he hopes will appear in LensWork Magazine.

Bob Diven 

December’s Artist – 2020
Downtown Artists

Artist Bio: For forty years I’ve been creating paintings, portraits, murals, illustrations, and logo designs for businesses, individuals, and organizations.