Greetings from Las Cruces postcard

Why You Should Care About Downtown

The Development of a Successful Downtown

Lately I have seen comments on our Facebook page from Las Crucens asking why they should support downtown when there are already other developed parts of the city. My answer for that is simple: without a strong downtown community the rest of Las Cruces is weak as well. Therefore downtown revitalization is the key to future success in Las Cruces.

With more shopping, restaurants, and bar destinations in downtown we will see more travelers not only to downtown but the city as a whole thus positively impacting our economy and job market. Imagine downtown becoming a community hub for people to shop, eat, relax, and catch up with friends, family, and coworkers. With the Amador hotel and Amador/Main Street retail and eatery space underway downtown Las Cruces will attract people from all over the city to create this effect.

A large focus of downtown development is on Town and Gown, or creating a bridge for NMSU and DACC students to go past University Avenue for entertainment and eating purposes. Currently DLCP’s plan to achieve this is through partnerships with NMSU’s art department with events like September’s art gallery at the Bank of the West titled: Interjecting Manuscripts. Additionally DLCP hopes to see new developments downtown with bars and tap rooms with SB 37 to further draw college students to the heart of Las Cruces. By recruiting college students downtown the area will flourish with life and youthfulness making it an attractive place to spend free time.

With this in effect more people outside of the community will want to invest thus creating a domino effect of new businesses and new jobs. Like more metropolitan cities in New Mexico, such as Albuquerque and Santa Fe, Las Cruces will have the potential to become a more well known tourist destination with a thriving downtown community.