Close up of Dwell Fresh Juice Bar

DwellFresh Juice

Las Cruces Best and Brightest

Wellness and nutrition are important aspects of life. Kim Chormicle and her son Marcus, owners of DwellFresh Juice takes these components and create a lifestyle. The idea of the juice shop happened when Kim wanted to give clients a truly restorative body experience when visiting DwellFresh.

This “umbrella of wellness” allows Kim to experiment with juicing recipes and push the limits of what owning a business should be like. With sustainable and fresh ingredients used in all her juices Kim finds every new batch of product to be a chance to create something nutritious and promote healthy living.

People might not realize how much time goes into keeping up with fresh juice. With produce coming in about three times a week, Kim can spend up to 8 hours after the shop closes to juice for the following day’s batch. Her hardest recipe to make? the Advanced Reds juice blend (juice menu shown below). The ingredients in the juice alone are time consuming to clean up but the beets, the trademark for this blend, have a tendency to stain surfaces. However difficult the blends are to make, Kim’s favorite part of the process is being able to spread these juices to customers, “while maintaining balance, [I always remember to] enjoy the moment, enjoy the journey, enjoy the fact that you are drinking this juice that [I] hand made.”

Kim’s ultimate goal for her business is to expand the idea of juicing and promote the consumption of raw foods. “You want people to understand that it doesn’t have to be hard [to eat nutritiously] it can be really simple.” In the future Kim wants to expand her recipes to include essential oils, “the plants have been reduced in a natural way , where you are getting a concentrated form of the plant and it immediately gets absorbed into the gut [upon ingestion].”

Kim’s vision of expanding the juicing community and creating an atmosphere of wellness in Las Cruces has become reality. With juices selling out almost daily, Kim’s business is already a great success.

DwellFresh Juice is located at 424 N. Main Street. And fore more information please follow DwellFresh on Facebook and be sure to check out their wide variety of juices!