Sylvia Ulloa

Las Cruces Best and Brightest

Las Cruces Sun News Editor – Sylvia Ulloa

An editor at her college newspaper, Sylvia Ulloa was already on the path to her future career from an early start. She always had a knack for writing and had her holy grail moment the first time she stepped into a newsroom, “it’s lively, especially when a new story is about to drop.” Today she is the editor of the Las Cruces Sun News.

Sylvia’s passion sparks from a good local story. Her favorite part of the job is directing reporters to knowledgeable resources for quotes to create an interesting and credible local story for Las Crucens. A future story she wants to uncover is the success of Gadsden’s school district success; something Las Cruces lacks. “[We want to know] what are they doing there that is so successful that LCPS isn’t doing. Either [Gadsden] is doing a good job or the test is not right.” Her goal is to make sure people are held accountable for their actions to do what is right for the state of New Mexico.

One of the hardest parts of Sylvia’s career as an editor is being considered “bias.” What readers may see as bias is actually choice bias; she has the power to choose what stories the newspaper will publish based on how newsworthy it is. “My philosophy has always been ‘I can’t be impartial but I can be fair.'” Her life experiences effect the stories she chooses and uses her best judgement to be fair when informing the public.

With an ever-changing digital age, the newspaper industry will always evolve. Sylvia hopes this evolution will help make a smooth transition from print to digital for the Sun News while still making content meaningful to readers.

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