Food Truck Fiesta!

Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the Month!

This past Wednesday was the Food Truck Fiesta in the Plaza de Las Cruces! This Food Truck event changed it’s location from Telshor 12 to Downtown Las Cruces to give Las Crucens a taste of fresh food on the Plaza. This event focuses on bringing the community together to try local food and promote small food businesses.

So what can you expect?

Besides a variety of delicious fresh food you can expect live music, beautiful weather, and community engagement. Tables and chairs are set up around the plaza allowing foodies to enjoy eating in the most beautiful part of downtown. Most entrees range from $5-10 and sides between $3-5.

Who will be there?

Green Chile Paddy Wagon: 

There is probably nothing that beats green chile anything! The Green Chile Paddy Wagon specializes on a menu that takes Southern NM’s most famous food ingredient and adds it to delicious brisket and paddy dishes.


Recent winner of the Burger Dome Grill-Off, Luchador is known for it’s amazing and unique Mexican street food and providing customers with a chance to try homemade aguas frescas. To keep things unique and lively, Luchador changes their menu but their quality stays the same!


A delicious food truck to get gourmet style burgers and other entrees. 138 takes the mundane out of everyday meals and makes them fresh with new flavors.

Joshua’s Pie Wood Fired Pizza:

You can honestly never go wrong with pizza. Joshua’s Pie has their own portable wood fire oven to cook pizza on the go! How awesome is that? With toppings that range classic to unique every pizza they make is delicious and needs to be praised. Because pizza.

Wannabe Farms:

A farm to table food truck. If you like having a sustainable meal that is all local this is the place you need to go. With 25% of their product coming from their farm and 75% coming from other local growers Wannabe Farms is a great food truck with menus changing each week depending on what’s in season.

La Ristra Express: 

Small costs for a lot of delicious Mexican food? Sign me up! La Ristra Express masters homemade Mexican food. Their signature entree are jumbo sized gorditas. Delicious!

Emmy’s Elephant Ears:

Fried oreos. Elephant ears. FUNNEL CAKE. Delectable carnival desserts to eat after you’ve finished your meal. Speaking from experience the funnel cakes are out of this world.

Party Animals:

Ballon animals and aguas frescas? Party Animals has everything you need to have a good time and let your inner kid out.

The Backyard:

With a 5 star rating on Facebook its easy to see why The Backyard has people spreading the word about their amazing burgers and hot wings. Large and juicy burgers and great customer service make this food truck a must when at the Food Truck Fiesta.

Chango Burger:

With 8 varieties of hamburgers Chango Burger has something for everyone. With house-made teriyaki and grilled pineapple on burgers this place is the epitome of great burgers.

Happy Dog:

A one stop shop for all your food needs. Burgers, hot dogs (hence the name), grilled chicken, and even cole slaw! Happy Dog is a great place if you want to try a little bit of everything!