Poster for 2017 Chile Drop

Chile Drop 2017!

Red or Green?

That’s the big question as the 4th annual Chile drop approaches. Last week I sat down with Russ Smith from the DLCP Events Division to discuss this year’s Chile Drop. While I asked whether this year’s Chile will be Red or Green, sadly Russ was tight-lipped. He was not so tight-lipped about what the Chile Drop has in store for us this year, and about the importance of this event to Las Cruces.

2016 Chile Drop Queen

The Chile Drop is a free admission event and will be held at the Plaza de Las Cruces. Beginning at 9pm, the Chile Drop will feature a live DJ on stage all night, and performances from Bazaar Dance out of El Paso. Delicious food trucks, and a beer garden provided by High Desert Brewery will also be available throughout the night. Don’t miss the opening ceremony at 10pm with Grand Marshall Kate Bieri of KVIA, and the arrival, by motorcycle, of this years Chile Drop Queen. At five minutes to midnight the 19 foot chrome Chile featuring 400 feet of LED lighting, will light up. Then we will wait in anticipation as the eternal question, “Red or Green?” is answered, and we welcome the New Year.

2015 Chile Drop!

Though the Chile Drop is sure to be a great celebration, it is important to note that the importance of the Chile Drop does not stop at just a fun celebration. In past years the Chile Drop has been featured in national news often highlighting small town variations on the iconic Time Square ball drop. While some of these articles view these small town variations as somewhat “odd” or “weird”, New Mexico natives see nothing odd about a Chile Drop. As Russ put it, “Las Cruces has something that belongs uniquely to us. It’s a wonderful statement of ownership, enthusiasm, and pride.”

The Chile Drop will be a night of fun to share with friends and family, and will be a celebration of the unique culture of Las Cruces and New Mexico. It’s definitely not something you want to miss. See you there!