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Butler Baking Co.

The sweet smells of cinnamon, pistachio, and walnuts fill the air. Today I am with Candice Butler, the creator of the cutest bulldog logo and owner of Bulter Baking Co. Her bakery is located at 111 W. Lucero Avenue across the street from City Hall and the Main Street roundabout. Candice, a former middle school teacher, found her passion in baking ten years ago when she baked goods for her friends and family. Butler Baking Co. features Parisian café-style décor and a variety of local goods ranging from hand-made soaps to coffee.

Candice prides her business on no shortcut ingredients, meaning that everything that she puts in her food is all natural: no artificial butter, eggs, or milk substitutes. The bakery produces more than just baked goods, Butler Baking Co. also brews local Picacho Coffee and offers customers home-made soups.

Butler’s favorite good to create are cookies because they can come in a variety of flavors and are easy to bake in-between customers. One day she hopes to be able to master French macaroons in a variety of pastel colors. Although macaroons are a time consuming process Candice loves challenging herself with new recipes.

Running a small bakery is much more complicated than it looks, “It can be discouraging when customers do not realize that you put your heart into what you create.” In her business, Candice has to take the local economy as well as making a profit into her bakery buys. For the low price of $2.75 you can purchase a large freshly made bakery sized muffin; comparable in price to Starbucks but much more flavorful. “There are a lot of variables for making money…you can’t change the price of your goods every time the market price changes; but the people who understand that and appreciate what you do will come back.”

In the coming years Candice wants to collaborate with other small Las Cruces businesses to cross-promote their goods. “A steady morning crowd is key…I want to work with other businesses to create a community in Las Cruces.” Being able to support one another by selling goods helps spread the word for other businesses. Advertising can be pricey at times, but with this approach Candice can still reach customers from all over Las Cruces.

For more information on the menu check out Candice’s website and like Butler Baking Co. on Facebook!