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2022 Kick Off Q&A with DLCP Director Jennifer

DLCP has big plans for 2022! This year Executive Director, Jennifer Kozlowski, would like to share some goals and a lineup with the community in this feature Q&A. 

Q: Let’s learn a little more about Jennifer! How has your role with DLCP developed? Any background in your position you’d like to discuss. What’s new with your role for 2022?

A: I believe my roll with DLCP has changed over the last few years.  Learning more about the district and community that I serve has helped drive that. DLCP’s relationships with other economic drivers in Las Cruces has also helped shape our plan.

My background as a community organizer has truly helped me slip seamlessly into the role of ED here at DLCP, and help grow downtown and promote it. In 2022 we, at DLCP, would love to see more thriving businesses downtown, especially in the retail sector. We are working on several programs to help drive this endeavor.

Q: For 2022 what does DLCP hope to accomplish for events?

A: After having a very successful Chile Drop, DLCP would love for all of our upcoming events to have the same festive flair. Currently, we are in the planning stages for Salsa Fest, a golf tournament, as well as the Generations Community Writing Project, Artist in Residence, the Lit Walk, and finalizing a historic walking tour. We want to make sure that we are promoting Downtown and the Arts and Cultural District (ACD) as a destination while highlighting that we are authentically Southern New Mexico.

Q: For 2022 what does DLCP hope to accomplish for special projects?

A: As with all of our projects and programs, DLCP want to make sure that downtown and the ACD are always viewed and treated as a community that is important to the health and well-being of Las Cruces. Our special projects, Generations Community Writing Project, Artist in Residence, the Lit Walk and Biz Spotlights are fun and educational ways to highlight the talented and hardworking people of Downtown.


Q: Any other special collaborations or promotions planned for the year?

A: El Paso Electric Community Partners is sponsoring Artists in Residence, Devasthali Grant will help us with our writing project and a community mural. We will finally be installing our bike racks that are funded by the AARP Community Challenge Grant.

Q: For 2022 what does DLCP hope to accomplish for business development?

A: Overall we really want to help our businesses downtown be successful and stay successful while bringing in more retail to support the business that we already have in our district. Through our quarterly meetings, we hope to provide specialized training and opportunities for our district businesses with everything from how window display helps with safety, to education on lease rates and tools for property and business owners.

Q: Will there be any new businesses, organizations or initiatives to welcome to the DLCP circle for 2022?

A: We have three in the works right now. One I can mention is Grounded, (located at 300 North Main) we are very excited to work with them on their grand opening and welcoming them to downtown! The other two we aren’t at liberty to discuss yet, but they are definitely going to be wonderful additions to our community.

To learn more about DLCP, their initaitves and events follow DLCP on Facebook and Instagram. Here’s to another year of growth for Downtown Las Cruces and the ACD district!